It is a well-known fact that Italy is famous for its great food, rich wine, olive oil and of course, its excellent coffee.

Caffé D’Angelo  was started in 1936; beginning with just a simple factory in a small old house just outside the centre of Milan.

It all began when two men began roasting coffee for themselves and for their families and friends but not for sale. This was so
successful that they decided to tie it to the future of their family to continue over generation’s.
The company, Caffé D’Angelo, was legally founded around 1971.     
With such longstanding expertise in the art of roasting coffee, our factory is currently an old fashion Italian standard, where they continue to roast coffee the old fashioned way, with care and attention, similar to 80 years ago!!! With the superior  quality of products and methods used this allows definitely competitive pricing.

Although today’s coffee-roasting facilities feature sophisticated technological resources for the control of the entire process, companies are eager to keep their expert roasters.

No machine – however precise or smart – can beat human beings when it comes to getting the doses for the various coffees right, down to
the milligram, for the desired body and flavors, and to meet the needs of specific consumer bases.

That’s why Caffé D’Angelo keep roasted the coffee at the same way.