The Meaning of Word Espresso


The literal meaning of the word "espresso" could be expressed as "made there and then".

The story goes that the "espresso" was created through the joint efforts of a Neapolitan gentleman irritated by the slowness of his "Neapolitan coffee-maker" (a way to prepare coffee) and a Milanese engineer, a Mr. Bezzera, who, in fact, produced the first espresso machine in 1901.

Apart from anecdote, this method of coffee preparation was created in order to find a remedy for the slowness of other methods and the consequent loss of the infusion's aroma when already hot and before being drunk, speeding up the passage of the water through the dose of ground coffee by means of greater pressure.

It is an extraordinary drink,  a marvel of chemical and physical engineering, aromatic, of full and velvety flavors.
Aromatic because the emulsion given by the pressure of the oils present in the coffee frees the aroma which dissolves in the hot water, tries to escape, but it is immediately trapped by the foam.
Velvety because the sugar, protein and fats emulsified together melt into a sole essence.

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